Thursday, August 10, 2017

“They Make All Kinds” certainly applies to this unique and unidentified European(?) prototype "Zig-Zag" style revolver.

Except for the action, the revolver's design is indicative of 19th century European influence: part octagon barrel, 11mm caliber, fixed sights (dovetailed pinched front sight with bead and notched rear sight on the recoil shield), open top frame, contoured barrel lug and humpback back strap and grips. The design reminds one of the revolvers by Raphael and Perrin.

The action is another matter and is unusual to say the least, but displays the craftsmanship of a master gunsmith and suggests that it is an experimental revolver.
Cocking the firearm requires the operator to pull back on a knob located ahead of the trigger. Pulling back on the knob rotates the cylinder and cocks the hammer. The rebated cylinder rotates via a zig zag type mechanical motion, and the hammer slides horizontally in the frame.

The grip frame and trigger guard are contoured for the operator to be able to use one hand when pulling back on the cocking knob with his pointer finger and then pulling the trigger. The centerfire firing pin is adjustable with the rear section threaded. 

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