Saturday, December 30, 2017

Unidentified and likely one of a kind experimental 32 ACP pistol, void of any markings of any kind.

At its core, this is a blowback operated design, with the recoil spring positioned above the barrel, a cocking piece to the rear and the bolt riding below, a configuration that was briefly popular in the early 20th century but was supplanted with the now more common arrangement of the recoil spring beneath the barrel. In addition to a fairly conventional manual safety, this pistol is equipped with a novel spring loaded transfer bar safety; positioned just behind the trigger on the left side, the checkered bar must be depressed in order to fire the pistol, a very natural action with a strong right handed grip, though difficult to perform with a left handed grip. The overall ergonomics are very solid, providing a comfortable grip with fine instinctive pointing qualities.

Though not confirmed, it has been suggested that it may be the work of Iver Johnson and might have been part of an entire line of prototype pistols. I find nothing to confirm or deny that suggestion.