Sunday, December 3, 2017

The WW2 Haenel MP41 submachine gun

The gun that was manufactured by the C.G. Haenel company. This model is a very close derivative of the more famous and widely used MP38/40 submachine gun. Although the MP38, 40 and 41 SMGs are based on the "Hugo Schmeisser" patents the MP41 was actually the only German submachine of those variations that Schmeisser was directly involved in.

In this model he actually combined the upper part of the MP40 SMG with the lower part of his earlier designed MP28. The most notable feature of the MP41 is the one-piece walnut buttstock, solid milled trigger guard and the redesigned barrel nut and receiver cap. Less than 5000 were reputed to have been made and it was never officially adopted by the German Army nor any other branch of the German military, however it was used by numerous German allies.

The take-down of the MP41 is rather simple, the cap at the end of the MP41 receiver unlocks and can be removed to take out the bolt and return spring. That’s about all the disassembly required.

It is a very solid and robust SMG and although not as compact as an MP40, it certainly has a far more solid/rigid feel to the weapon, due to the walnut stock. It also used over 50% of the same parts as the M.P.40.