Friday, December 15, 2017

Pre-World War 2 designed German Bergman MP 35/1 sub machine gun.

Manufactured by Junker & Ruh A.G. This style of submachine gun was originally designed by Bergman & Muller in Denmark in the early 1930s and is noted for its complex "rotating bolt and cocking mechanism". 

This model was originally produced in a long barreled and a short barreled version, with this being the later. The short barreled version was heavily used by the German Police and "SS" units in late 1939/40. It has a one-piece barrel jacket with an enclosed barrel in a integral, slotted compensator on the end. The side of the receiver is stamped: "MP. 35/1 ajf43 (code for Junker & Ruh) /1790a". 

The left side of the bolt is also marked "1790a/R.F.V./Eagle N/3188" which indicates that this SMG belong to the "Reich Finance Ministry", inventory number 3188. It is fitted with a laminated stock assembly with a flat steel buttplate. The top of the receiver is fitted with a rifle style tangent rear sight that is graduated from 50-1000 meters, and uses a 20 round magazine.