Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One of a kind Walther Model MP prototype pistol.

Walther’s approach to an experimental series, was to build no two alike. It was one of constant improvement. All of their prototypes were produced with different features. They simply made many variants to see which worked better. This policy drives Walther collectors mad but for the casual gun buff the variations are quite welcome.
An example is this first developmental stage, Model MP prototype. It is the forerunner of all Walther MP/PP, HP, and P-38 designed pistols. This was the first true Walther double action type with the concealed hammer.

It has all the very early features such as the complicated two-piece, dual locking block designs (one on each side of the barrel lug) with the locking lugs machined into the upper slide rail, the early slide design with the dual reinforcing ribs on each side of the slide with the machined lightening cut in the center of each rib.

It has the "single" long one-piece slide release/takedown lever, the longer rear frame, slotted on the underside for a shoulder stock (different than the Walther AP designs), no slide bridge and the one-piece full length, machined firing pin cover with the internal firing pin block/decocking lever on the side of the slide.

It has the typical Walther all machined frame, two-piece wrap around grips and the early style fixed front and rear sights. This is a truly unique early Walther prototype pistol. Sold at auction for over $80,000 in 2016.