Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Walther collector’s dream come true, a sheet metal Model MP pistol with concealed hammer.

It is, of course, a prototype and the only known one of its kind.
This pistol is pictured and described on pages 80 and 81 of "Walther Volume III 1908-1980, by Rankin. There he notes “The Sheetmetal MP was a single shot concealed hammer pistol”.
Rankin feels that although the pistol is a sheetmetal design it was actually manufactured in the mid 30's time frame at the same time the Walther factory was experimenting with producing the Model MP concealed hammer pistol. He is of the opinion, that it was an engineering effort by the factory to determine if these pistols could be produced on a low-cost basis using a mostly all sheetmetal design. This effort would later pay dividends in the late days of WWII.

As you can see the pistol remains totally in the white and is void of any factory markings or serial numbering. The frame was manufactured by using two stamped halves of the frame which were welded together with the welds ground off with the internal parts pinned in place. The slide is also a stamping with an internal rail pinned in place on each side of the slide (noted the raised slide rails) with the barrel and barrel lug still manufactured using the tried and true forging and machining process. The internal parts are composed of both machined and stamped parts.
The pistol is one of the first stepping stones towards the P-38 and a unique example of complex Walther ingenuity and manufacturing expertise.