Friday, November 3, 2017

A brass frame Colt M-1855 prototype.

A forerunner of the M-1855. One of Colt’s prototype Sidehammers that was never fully completed. Its brass frame required two-piece grips, whereas the production models continued the Colt practice of one- piece construction. Is said to have been created between 1849 and 1850 at Colt’s Armory in Hartford. Caliber is .265. The barrel length is 3 inches, and it has an overall length of 7 inches.

Rather interesting. If you look closely at the images you will note a sliding bar attached to the hammer and captured in the top strap. The bar indexes the cylinder, using the diagonal cuts on the cylinder, as the hammer is cocked. Also note the “creeping gear” loading lever.

Colt expert, R.L. Wilson once wrote “First of the Sidehammers, with grooved cylinder surface, proved impractical.” 

The end of the experimental work resulted it the M-1955 as we know it.