Wednesday, October 4, 2017

One of the “Holy Grail” Colts, the Texas Pattern No. 5, circa 1839-1840.

This standard model No. 5 revolver has the distinctive 8 7/8-inch, .36 caliber octagon barrel, square-back five-shot cylinder, large frame and flared grip. As you will note, this early production revolver is not fitted with a loading lever and lacks the capping cut-out in the recoil shield found on later production guns. The No. 5 revolver is said to be the most popular Colt Paterson revolver. The No. 5 revolvers were the only Paterson model purchased by the Ordnance Department. The Ordnance Department purchased 150 No. 5 revolvers in 1840 for issue to the U.S. Navy.

The Republic of Texas purchased 180 No. 5 revolvers with some of them being issued to the Texas Rangers commanded by Jack Hays, these would have seen service in the Rangers encounters with the Comanche Indians. (recently sold at auction for 80Gs plus)