Sunday, July 16, 2017

This is a Simson & Company prototype semi-automatic pistol that was was developed circa 1928/29 in the hopes of developing a physically larger arm than the 9mm Luger semi-automatic pistol.

During the Weimar era 1920-1930, Simson & Co. was the only manufacturer permitted to repair, rebuild or even manufacture new pistols for both the military and police units in Germany, in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles to prevent any future German re-armament.

Obviously this pistol was developed as a potential rival to the German Luger and with Simson’s close ties to the German Government they anticipated securing military contracts with a newly designed pistol.
However, with the rise of Hitler and the National socialist state with their anti-Semitic ideas, forever doomed Simson & Co. and their newly designed pistol from ever entering production.
It is estimated that probably not more than 10-15 were actually manufactured before they stopped all efforts.


It is an extremely well made pistol with all machined steel parts. You can see how the overall design was influenced by the standard German Luger, as it has the same grip angle as a Luger, with very similar shaped checkered walnut grip and it uses a slightly modified German Luger magazine. All these features would have made training and conversion to this design much easier. 

It has very few markings, the left side is hand engraved, "Simson u. Co. Suhl/Waffenfabriken" and directly behind that is a large rotating safety lever. When it is engaged and pushed down it exposes the hand inscribed word "Sicher" indicating "SAFE". In the inside, front area of the trigger guard loop to a small serrated takedown lever.
Currently there are only a handful of these ultra rare prototype pistols known in the world today.

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