Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Deluxe Grade Remington Model No.3 Hepburn Long Range target rifle.

Lewis L. Hepburn was from Colton, NY, where he had a small shop and was specializing in making percussion match rifles. Around 1874 he went to work for Remington as their top barrel maker and designer. In 1873-74 the Irish shooting team challenged the US to an International Long Range rifle match. The US won that match, however Lewis Hepburn noted the deficiencies in the Remington Rolling Block rifles used during those matches and set out to redesigned a completely new action for target shooting. In 1879 he was granted a patent for his dropping block action and Remington Arms, would developed and produced the Hepburn rifle starting in 1879. The Hepburn dropping block action was so simple and strong that only minor changes were needed to take it from the black powder period into the high-power smokeless era.

All Hepburn rifles were manufactured in limited numbers with the deluxe, Long Range target rifles such as this one being manufactured in extremely limited numbers as they were intended strictly for the Long Range military matches.
This rifle is chambered for the 44-100 Remington Hepburn Creedmoor cartridge.

As you can see the sights are a front globe target sight with a spirit level; a military style tangent rear sight along with a Long Range, Vernier peep sight, with a locking eye-cup aperture, mounted on the upper tang.

This rifle, likely a special order item, is entirely nickel finished including the cleaning rod and butt plate.

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