Sunday, July 2, 2017

The 1890's saw the beginning the semi-automatic pistol era. Designers from the four corners of the world were feverishly producing the unique to the weird.

A prime example is this Model 1895 Krnka Prototype pistol as developed by Karel Krnka. 
Karel was a very talented engineer born in 1858 in Bohemia, (today upper Czechoslovakia) that was credited with the development of one of the forerunners of the more successful Roth–Steyr M1907, or, more accurately Roth-Krnka M.7 semi-automatic pistol. Krnka was credited with several innovative pistol patents during his lifetime.

This pistol was probably developed/produced for the Austro-Hungarian test conducted in 1897/98, but probably never used. There were only a handful of these early pistols produced at best, with almost no examples surviving in the world today.

This pistol has a very unique mechanism that has a locked breech with an actual "rotating/turn bolt" mechanism with Krnka’s unique extractor mechanism. It is also fitted with an early hold-open device based on the use of the magazine follower, with a side mounted bolt release, operating in the same manner as many of the current day semi-automatic rifle and pistols. It also has an internal magazine and is loaded via a magazine stripper through the top of the action.

It is cocked/loaded by pushing the barrel rearward, inserting a loaded stripper, pushing the rounds into the internal magazine and withdrawing the stripper, allowing the bolt to go forward and ready to fire. One of the most interesting and unique features of this pistol is that it actually can fire in a double action manner and has a rebounding hammer. This rebounding mechanism works when you fire the pistol and the trigger is released the hammer automatically rebounds to the half-cock position. It is fires a 8mm pistol cartridge, and holds approximately 10 rounds.


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