Thursday, July 13, 2017

Like the blog title says "They Make All Kinds", a George J. Tibert 12-Shot Revolving Rifle.

 Produced in 2006, this rifle combines features from a number of classic weapons with new design ideas to create a weapon that will chamber modern ammunition while still maintaining an "antique" style and appearance. 

At the core of the weapon is a sidehammer single action revolver system, not unlike the Colt Root series, fitted with a "conical" 12-round cylinder, narrower at the front, which further emphasizes the unique overall form. A raised block front sight without bead is present on the half-round, half-octagon barrel. Smooth forearm, with a concealed ejector assembly on the underside. Extra-fancy walnut buttstock, with a brass hand rest on the wrist, raised and contoured right-handed cheekpiece, brass buttplate and raised scroll carving on the right side.

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