Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Remington Beals series of pocket revolver, the revolvers that spawned Remington's New Model Army revolver.

1st Model Remington Beals

After seeing Colt’s success, Remington & Sons were wanting to enter the civilian revolver market but did not have a designer with revolver experience in their employ. They looked to former employee Fordyce Beals, who was working at the Whitneyville Armory at the time. Beals had already designed and patented revolvers while at Whitneyville. 
Beals would become instrumental in helping Remington & Sons enter the civilian market, a niche they have excelled in ever since.

After returning to Remington, still owning the patent of a previous revolver, Beals developed it further. Beals' design changes got him a new patent in June of 1856 for what would be Remington's first pocket pistol, the 1st Model Beals Pocket Revolver.

3,000 of the five shot .31 pockets were made over the next three of four years

Always thinking and tinkering, Beals redesigned the 1st Model to have a spur type trigger and and called it the 2nd Model Beal's Pocket Pistol. It is believed that fewer than 1000 were produced.

Just prior to the American Civil War, Beals designed a somewhat larger revolver called the 3rd Model Beals Pocket Revolver. As many as 1000 of these were made between 1859 and 1861.

The 3rd Model was characterized by features that would lead to Beals designing a new revolver that would be the ancestor or base for the Remington New Model Revolver.

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