Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Mauser Model HSv pistol

When the Wehrmacht finally could no longer tolerate the expense of the P.08 Luger in the late 1930s, they held a trial of possible replacements. This prototype Mauser Model HSv pistol was was a response to the request.
The three main entrants were BSW with a gas-operated pistol, Walther with what would ultimately be known as the P.38 and Mauser with its experimental HSv locked-breech design.
Although the Mauser was less expensive than the Luger in was more expensive than the Walther, which led to the P.38 design winning the trials.

The HSv is a 9 mm, double-action, short recoil pistol with an eight round magazine capacity. It is one of the great rarities in German World War II military pistols. A superbly made and elegantly designed pistol. Very few were manufactured.

This pistol is listed in “System Mauser” by Breathed & Schroeder. It is listed as one of the experimental pistols on page. 268 and photographed on pg. 269. This pistol is widely recognized, by collectors, as the most important Mauser pistol of the post WWI period.
The HSv is also featured in The Walther Pistols 1930-1945 Vol. I by Buxton. He states "extremely few of the Mauser guns (HSv) were made, only one is definitely known to exist now." This one sold for $74,750 at auction a couple years ago.

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