Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Colt collector's dream, one of twelve, special order Model 1878 target revolvers.

This revolver is one of twelve revolvers ordered by Colt's London Agent Frederick Von Oppen on October 30, 1889. These revolvers were specially manufactured for sale to British target shooters and were chambered for the .450 Boxer cartridges. The revolvers ordered by Von Oppen had a special flat top frame with adjustable target rear sights and block mounted target front sights with removable nickel-silver blades. The double action was adjusted to provide the smoothest possible pull. He specifically requested that the revolvers "Must have soft sweet action, and not the usual jerky DA trigger action" at the bottom of the order. 
Despite being specifically manufactured to meet the request, Von Oppen did not find the revolvers to be smooth enough and thereafter focused on single action Colts for target use.  ...........  Sold at auction at 40+G.

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