Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Podewils-Lindner Rifle

The base of this rifle was the muzzleloading Bavarian M-1858 Podewils military rifle designed by Philipp Podewils, who was director of the Royal Manufactory of Amberg in Bavaria. 
Podewils and Edward Lindner, of New York, had prior dealings around 1857-59 when approximately 2,500 Austrian carbines were converted to an earlier design Lindner system.

Lindner was an inventive being. He worked in conjunction with the Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. of Manchester, New Hampshire building breech loading rifles and various breech loader conversions, many of which saw service during the American Civil War.

Simply stated, the Bavarian 1858/67 Podewils-Lindner rifle was the Podewils rifle with the breech plug removed and the Lindner conversion screwed on. Think of it as a modern day bolt action receiver assembly.
The conversion, which has a loading port on the top a bolt with an interrupted thread locking lugs which mates with a corresponding interrupted thread in the receiver, the bolt also has a dust cover which runs in two parallel grooves on the receiver.
The bolt face is dished so that the edges direct gas leakage forward upon ignition. The dust cover also helps deflect gas leaks from the user’s face and prevents dirt from getting into the receiver.

The ammunition was a paper cartridge with a "twist". The cartridge had a conventional percussion cap glued, facing outwards, in a recess at the base of the cartridge. The user would first cap the rifle with the cartridge, the cap would be captured (hopefully) by the nipple and then the cartridge inserted into the gun.

Interestingly the trigger assembly has an unique internal safety which blocks trigger movement until the bolt is closed and locked down. 

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