Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kynoch Revolvers

Scottish entrepreneur George Kynoch, a manufacturer of ammunition, ventured into firearms manufacturing by leasing the arms factory of William Tranter in 1885 following the latter's retirement. Kynoch’ associate and works manager Henry A. Schlund was granted British patents (9084 in 1885 and 11900 of 1886) for safety revolvers with enclosed hammer and dual triggers.

Revolver is most unusual with enclosed hammer both for safety and to prevent snagging when drawn and an oversize trigger guard which encloses two triggers. Pulling the lower trigger advances the cylinder to the next chamber for firing, locks the rear trigger in place and cocks the hammer at the same time. The upper trigger, which is checkered, is used to fire the cartridge. The primary trigger fires the revolver with lighter pull in single action or can be used independently in double action.

The rear of the frame has a checkered thumb latch which is used to tip the bbl down for unloading & reloading.

Sides of the barrel lug have triangle shaped wires attached to the ejector housing boss to deflect the holster from jamming the cylinder when re-holstering the pistol.

Calibers were .380, .450 and .476., only around 600 of both types were produced before the factory ceased production.

There were two types of Kynoch revolvers. The Type 1 had the cocking portion of the trigger below the guard. The above pictured revolvers are the Type 2. Pictured below is a Type 1.

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