Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The H.E. Dimick Navy Revolver

Horace E Dimick was a gunsmith and firearms dealer active in St. Louis, Missouri from 1849 through the early 1870s. Dimick expanded from a small custom gun store, to a larger emporium selling a variety of firearms. Dimick was respected for the quality of his firearms, but especially well known for his long rifles, especially his highly accurate plains rifles. During the Civil War, Dimick became nationally famous for providing the long rifles for the elite sharpshooters of the 66th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

By 1860, Dimick had 27 gunsmiths working for him, building a variety of firearms, including derringer pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles. However it seems that revolvers were one arm he didn’t want to manufacture. His "Western Emporium" sales did list “Colt’s Revolvers” among the offerings.

In 1864 when the Colt plant was destroyed by fire, Metropolitan Arms Company of New York stepped in offering Colt revolver copies. (Many collectors feel the quality and workmanship was equal to that of Colt).

In order to meet sales demands Dimick, ordered 300 Navy models, approximately 100 of these were marked by Dimick, the majority were completely unmarked. By all accounts they were exact copies of the Colt.

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