Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Avenger

The infamous "Mormon Avenger" was a post Civil War style of modified single-action percussion revolver. Attributed to the Mormon "Avenging Angel", Orrin Porter Rockwell. Rockwell is reputed to have carried several chopped down Colt cap and ball guns for personal defense. Purportedly “Doc” Holliday carried such a revolver at one time. I’ll call it hearsay as none of this has been documented.
Nonetheless, occasionally real factory Colts, modified in this style, do show up at auctions and are seen in Western museums. 

Hollywood and reproduction revolvers such as the Pietta 1851, Uberti and Cimarron 1860s have contributed to the “Avenger” following. Counterfeit “Avengers” abound.

By the late 1870s the Avengers were outdated and easily replaced with cartridge revolvers, like the double action Colt M1877, which were suited for concealed carry. 

As shown in these auction house pictures, barrels were shortened, sights added on some and adding a lanyard are seen. As you can see most, but not all, of the real thing were the smaller Navy models which would be easier to conceal.

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