Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wesson & Leavitt Revolving Rifle

Patented by Edwin Wesson and Daniel Leavitt and manufactured by the Massachusetts Arms Co., of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts around 1850. Collectors  estimate that only between 16 - 50 of these rare rifles were manufactured and have an estimated collectors value $25,000.

It falls in that 'you got to be kiddin' category but I love these oddities and when I first saw this rifle I thought "what a fun toy, I gotta find one" but that estimated price quickly told me ---- keep dreamin'.

The rifle is based on the .40 caliber, Wesson & Leavitt "Army" revolver frame with side hammer and six-shot cylinder. An integral fixed rear sight is mounted on the top of the frame. The 24-inch round two-step barrel has a brass front sight blade.

Wesson & Leavitt "Army" Revolver

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