Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If only this revolver could talk.

This Remington-Beals revolver started life as a standard Federal Navy issued, blued percussion model that would have been carried early in the Civil War. In 1874, under contract with Remington, the Navy returned these revolvers to be converted to 38 caliber center-fire.

On this particular revolver, the typical New York style Remington engraving would lead one to speculate that after the conversion this revolver was engraved & refinished at Remington. Perhaps done for a Naval officer as a presentation piece or a memento of his service. Unfortunately the revolver’s history has been lost in time.

Except loading lever & cylinder, the entire gun was originally silver plated with a gold wash applied over the top of the silver. It must have been a masterpiece.

The Navy used the standard Remington-Beals conversions up until 1889 when the they purchased Colt revolvers.

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