Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Palmer Carbine

Manufactured circa 1865, the Palmer carbine was manufactured by E.G. Lamson & Co., of Windsor, Vermont, under the W. Palmer patent secured December 22nd, 1863. 

It is significant as the first metallic cartridge bolt-action weapon accepted by the Ordnance Department for issue to the U.S. Army. 

The Ordnance Department contracted for 1001 Palmer carbines late in the Civil War. The carbines were delivered in June 1865, after the fighting ceased, thus were un-issued. 
They ended up being sold to Bannerman's for cents on the dollar, sometime around 1870-75. 

The carbine was chambered in .50 rimfire. It featured a short handle at the rear of the receiver; a quarter turn of the bolt handle counter-clockwise unlocks the bolt and pulling it to the rear extracts the fired case and opens the chamber. The hammer is cocked manually before opening.


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