Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The MP 3008 Submachine Gun

Another last-ditch weapon produced to arm German National Militia units. The MP 3008 submachine gun was developed and manufactured during final stages of the World War 2. It is also known as "Volks Machinenpistole" (People's submachine gun). Several German factories, as well as smaller shops, produced about 10,000 (?) of these MP 3008 submachine guns in several minor variations, with several types of buttstocks, including metallic skeletonized or tubular butts, or simple wooden butts.

All were internally similar, using the simple blowback design based on the British Sten Mk.II. It was capable of semi-automatic and full-automatic fire.
Unlike the Sten Mk.II the magazine housing on the MP 3008 was welded below the tubular receiver. It used the same 32-round magazines as the German MP40 submachine guns. 

As the pictures attest they were assembled in a hour, mainly by welding.


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