Sunday, December 4, 2016

Steyr-Mannlicher M-1896 Pistol

The late 1890's saw the beginning the semi-automatic pistol era. Designers from the four corners of the world feverishly producing the unique to the weird. It was an engrossing period for the gun nut.
"This is a Steyr-Mannlicher designed pistol. This pistol is actually called the Model 1896/03 due to the fact that it was originally developed in 1896 (at the same time the 1896 Mauser pistol was), but it was not commercially introduced on to the market until approximately 1903. 
Chambered in 8mm Steyr, this variation has the shorter 4 3/4 inch barrel with a detachable magazine box. The design allows the pistol to be loaded by just removing and then loading the detachable box magazine or via stripper clips through the top of the action (when the bolt is to the rear) just as you can like the rest of the Mannlicher rifle and pistol designs. 
These early Mannlicher pistols also have several other unique features such as a barrel that screwed into an upper receiver versus the one-piece design of the 1896 Mauser. It has an internal hammer with a small short external cocking indicator on the rear of the pistol. The front sight and front sight base is actually brazed to the top of the barrel, and a fixed rear sight is machined directly into the top rear section of the upper receiver".

The following variation is fairly unique in that it has the rare 6 inch long barrel and is fitted with the desirable detachable magazine box with the rare slotted back strap, obviously intended to be developed as a substitute for a short rifle, like the Mauser and Luger pistol carbines.

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