Friday, December 30, 2016

Savage .45 ACP Military Model 1907

In 1905, when the United States Army expressed an interest in replacing their issue revolvers with semiautomatic sidearms Savage entered their .45-caliber Model 1907 in the military troop trials. The trials were conducted between 1907 and 1911. After the of field testing the Savage pistol was one of two finalists but ultimately lost to the Colt entry, which became famous as the Colt Model 1911.

Savage made a total of 288 .45 pistols for competitive tests, after tests were completed 181 of these pistols were returned to Savage who reconditioned and refinished the pistols. Most of the reconditioned pistols were eventually sold to a firearms dealer, E.K. Tryon of Philadelphia, who sold them to the civilian market.

They are rare and historic military pistols that sell at six digits when in good condition, a key addition to any advanced U.S. military handgun collection.


As a side note.
Savage later scaled down the design, for the civilian pocket pistol market, which became their civilian Model 1907 chambered in 32 ACP. Although the later Model 1907 was designed for civilian use, the French government purchased over 40,000 .32 ACP Model 1907s between late 1914 and 1917 for the French military in World War I. These pistols are recognizable by the lanyard ring.

A much smaller contract of 1,150 pistols in the same configuration were purchased by Portugal.


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