Saturday, November 19, 2016

Swiss Model 49 Prototype Military Pistol

"Swiss prototype Model 49 military test pistol. These were actually designed and tested after WWII when the Swiss military was looking to replace all their aging Luger pistols with a more modern designed semi-automatic pistol. 
This design was actually based on the original Browning High Power pistol and is almost a direct copy. The only real visible differences between this pistol and a Belgian High Power are the elongated and heavier grip area of the frame, slightly longer and heavier rear frame area and an enlarged/reinforced (heavier) sides on the slide. The rear of the slide on this design actually encloses the sides of the hammer, almost giving it a concealed hammer appearances. 
The internal components and barrel appear to be exactly like a Belgium High Power. The top of the slide is machined similar to the later Swiss P210 series of pistols. It has a drift adjustable front sight and a raised, fixed rear sight machined into the top rear section of the slide. 
Although not adopted, the military contracted for 40-50 of these early test pistols. The pistols were actually produced with several variations within this group noted, making individual pistols somewhat unique".

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