Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Savage M-1899-D Military Musket

It's believed that the entire Savage production of this arm was shipped to Canada during World War I to arm the Montreal Home Guard.

The rifles in "musket" form incorporated a bayonet lug and military style stock with a handguard. 
They were chambered in the 303 Savage cartridge so as not to delay delivery which would have resulted if the design was altered for the standard Canadian 303 British Mk II cartridge. 

The Guardsmen were responsible for purchasing their own rifles and had the option of having their names stamped on the stock. Many also chose to have their names engraved on the left side of the receiver (not the case with this rifle).  

Blade front sight and folding leaf rear sight graduated to 1,300 yards. The front barrel band is fitted with a bayonet lug. Blue finish with casehardened lever and mounted with a smooth full length walnut forearm with grasping grooves, matching hand guard, sling swivel on the rear barrel band and a straight grip perch belly stock with a steel carbine buttplate and sling swivel. The buttplate tang is marked with the rack number "328".
This particular rifle is stamped "F.A. STEVENSON" and "MHG/1914" on top of the stock.



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