Thursday, November 24, 2016

Roth-Sauer M-1900 Pistol

The late 1890's saw the beginning the semi-automatic pistol era. Designers from the four corners of the world feverishly producing the unique to the weird. It was an engrossing period for the gun nut.
Here is a perfect example, a little semi-automatic pistol that was designed in the late 1890's and very much ahead of its day. 

The joint work of famous gunsmiths virtually always ends with only a positive result especially when both gunsmith differ in imagination, experience, and some of them practiced in the design of ammunition. The Roth Sauer M-1900 pistol was designed by Karel Krnka, financed by Georg Roth, and manufactured by J.P. Sauer & Sohn in Germany.

It uses a stripper clip-loaded internal magazine in the grip and is chambered for the 7.65x17mm Roth-Sauer cartridge.
Also note that the outer form of the gun has no protruding parts which would make the gun fairly flat and comfortable to wear.

The pistol is mechanically quite complex – much more so than strictly necessary. The action is a long-recoil type, in which the bolt and barrel remain locked together through the full rearward travel of the bolt. The bolt then stays to the rear while the barrel recoils forward, clears the empty case, and ejects it. Once the barrel is fully forward, the bolt is released to strip a new cartridge from the magazine and chamber it.

The bolt has a single locking lug, which rotates into a recess in the barrel extension to lock. The firing mechanism is very similar to the later and modern style pistols such as the Glock and others. It uses a striker to fire, which is tensioned to half-cock by the bolt and barrel recoiling with each shot. Full tension on the striker is delivered by the trigger pull, resulting in a approximation of a double-action system.

Now if all this nuts bolts stuff is a bit confusing the following Forgotten Weapons video does a fantastic job on this little pistol and well worth watching.


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