Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bergmann M-1896 Pistols

The late 1890's saw the beginning the semi-automatic pistol era. Designers from the four corners of the world feverishly producing the unique to the weird. It was an engrossing period for the gun nut.

The Bergmann M-1896 was a 19th-century semi-automatic pistol developed by German designer Louis Schmeisser and sold by Theodor Bergmann's company. Bergman was a pioneer in developing semi-automatic pistols in Europe in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

A contemporary of the Mauser C96 and Borchardt C-93 pistols, the Bergmann failed to achieve the same widespread success.
These M-1896 commercial pistols are seldom seen as very few were produced with even fewer examples brought back by GIs after WWII. 
The first pistol pictured is a rare late production No. 4 pistol. The No. 4 is chambered in 8 X 22 mm Bergmann caliber.

The M-1896 was manufactured right at the end of production as it is estimated that approximately 1000-1500 total were produced between 1897 and mid 1898 with most examples being in the 6.5 and very few examples manufactured in the scarce 8 X 22mm cartridge. 

The No. 4 has the integral 5 round magazine that sits in front of the trigger. A distinctive flat top bolt and top cover with a magazine side plate with two angled cuts on the right side. It is provided with a means of attaching a shoulder stock.


Bergmann 1896 Target Pistol

Another very scarce early Bergmann is this target pistol with the long barrel, target sights and rare set trigger. Chambered in 5 mm Bergmann. Only a handful of this rare long-barreled target models were ever produced. 
Additionally this example is fitted with a rare set of fully adjustable target sights. The rear sight can be drift adjusted laterally and also the aperture can be adjusted for elevation. It is fitted with a semi-hooded target front sight that is also adjustable for windage that is fitted with a pin-head front sight blade.


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