Thursday, October 27, 2016

Union Firearms Reifgraber Pistol

This unique little pistol came about early in the development of semi-automatic pistols, being marketed circa 1910-1912. 
Designed by Austrian-born Joseph Joachim Reifgraber who sold the patent and manufacturing rights to the Union Firearms Company out of Toledo, Ohio. Manufactured in limited numbers by the Union Fire Arms, it’s believed that no more than 100 of them were ever made. A rather complex design.
Fitted with a back strap grip safety, manual safety, take down lever, and a pair of checkered grips. 
One odd thing: it was designed for use with a rimmed revolver cartridge (32 S&W).
If you’re interested in firearms mechanics, this video HERE is well worth a watch. This action is interesting, to say the least. 


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