Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rare Prewar Baby Nambu

A rare late production Baby Nambu pistol that was manufactured by the Tokyo Gas and Electric (TG&E) factory in Tokyo. These TG&E Baby Nambu pistols are seldom seen in that they were produced in very limited numbers and are highly sought by the Japanese collectors. These pistols were produced from 1909 to approximately 1923, and it is estimated that only about 550 pistols were ever produced by TG&E; fewer than fifty are known to date.
The Baby Nambu was never officially approved as a standard officer's sidearm; instead, they were privately purchased by high ranking Japanese Army and Naval officers.  
These little pistols have a high quality rust blue finish with straw colored small parts and the bolt retaining an overall bright finish. The grips are finely checkered hardwood. 

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