Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mauser C78 Revolver

The Mauser 'Construktion of 1878’ (C78) was developed to enter Germany’s trials for their first metallic cartridge revolver in 1879. Designed by Peter Paul Mauser, the single-action, six-shot,7.65 caliber revolver was intended to offer an alternative to the majority of contemporary revolvers with a supposedly simpler indexing mechanism which lined up the cylinder chamber with the breech more reliably. The C78 also has the distinction of being Paul Mauser’s first and only revolver design.
The revolver has a number of interesting features, including its unique cylinder indexing system. The 'zig-zag’ grooves cut into the cylinder which provided a channel for a sprung studded cam that moved forward when the trigger was pulled. This rotated the cylinder aligning the next chamber with the breach. This was intended to prevent the pistol getting 'out of time’ and failing to align a round properly.
The other features included "ring-type" cylinder latch located ahead of the trigger guard which unlocks the barrel and cylinder assembly allowing them to be swung upwards to unload spent cases. 

In later models, above picture, ejection, was aided by a star-style ejector that was actuated when the barrel was tipped up. The ungainly 'tip-up’ position of the barrel made reloading the pistol tricky when compared to contemporary top break pistols sold by Webley and Smith & Wesson.
It also has a safety latch on the lower left side of the frame that engages the cylinder to keep it from rotating when on safe.

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