Monday, August 29, 2016

Winchester Patent Model for M-1876 Pocket Revolver


In 1875/1876 Winchester was again planning to make a splash in the revolver market and planned on doing so at the Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia in 1876.
“Winchester invested a great deal of money and time in the "Centennial model 76" revolvers". This pistol designed by Hugo Borchardt and S.W. Wood is the patent model revolver for one of the Winchester “Centennial” revolver series.

It is the only patent model known and one of only a handful of 1876 series Winchester revolvers in private hands.

It is the only 32 caliber manufactured.
It is the only pocket model manufactured.
It is the only spur trigger manufactured.
It was the only fully functional swing-out cylinder manufactured at the time.

"The three major designs developed in the Wood and Borchardt revolvers;
1. A double action mechanism,
2. Fixed thumb and cylinder extractor,
3. Swing-out cylinder and simultaneous extractor and was the first and only successful swing-out cylinder design of its time.”


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