Thursday, August 25, 2016

Warner "Infallible Pistol"

Warner Arms Corp. of New York City, NY was a firearms dealer and importer who sold to the commercial market. World War One interrupted their importing of the German made pocket pistols which were big sellers for Warner. To offset this Warner purchased the patents of Andrew Fyrberg and went about having the "Infallible Pistol" produced, in 32 ACP, by various sub-contractors around Norwich, CT. 

The guns were called the "Davis-Warner Infallible", and their trademark was "Blocks the Sear", a reference to the way the safety worked. Frame is unusual in that it is color case hardened. It had a thumb safety on the left side with magazine release in the left heel and it is fitted with checkered hard rubber grips having an intertwined “WAC” logo at the top.
However, the pistol had one serious drawback. At the back of the gun was a small dis-assembly lever with a push through pin. If the shooter disassembled the pistol and forgot the turn that lever the right way, or forgot to push the pin all the way in, the breechblock would be stopped only by a small projection and could come back into the shooters face. 
The guns were not "infallible" and the company soon went out of business.