Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prototype Remington New Model Army

This prototype Remington New Model Army revolver was formerly part of the famous Locke and "Slim" Kohler collections. They list the revolver as manufactured in 1869 or 1870. The revolver has no visible markings. 

It is primarily built like a standard New Model Army but differs significantly in the way the cylinder is secured. Instead of a winged pin that enters through the front of the frame, it has as cross pin and sliding latch. The cross pin is pushed inwards towards the left. Then, the latch is pulled towards the muzzle releasing the cylinder, so that it can be removed from the left side. 

The design is based on Samuel Remington's March 17th, 1863, patent. It is recorded as Patent No. 37,921 for "Improved Method of Holding the Base-Pins of Revolving Pistols" and was designed to rectify issues with the cylinder pin system used on the Model 1861 revolvers at the behest of the Ordnance Department, but the firm opted to revert to the older system used on the Beal's revolvers. 
The main advantage of this system is that the loading lever can be operated without worry of the cylinder pin falling out. Losing a cylinder pin during the heat of combat would render the revolver effectively useless. Not to mention creating a mess in your shorts.

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